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Online reviews are probably the best source of unintentional comedy online.

Is it better that they didn't replace the T with a +?

The quotes around "vaccine" are a nice touch.

Also, the argument is essentialy that you shouldn't have to be vaccinated to visit someone if they're elderly (i.e., vulnerable)


This is actually a review of the writer's apartment... it's too damn far from "The Hamburger Stand".

I am troubled by the fact that "The Hamburger Stand" remembered all but the burger.

Full marks for "ease of use though", so that's good.

"But I can't imagine it's any good"

These two aren't funny, but I think they're fascinating. They're both for the same homeless shelter in Denver. The one on the left is written by a volunteer, writing about how good the shelter is to volunteer at. The one on the right is a resident, evaluating the shelter from that perspective, for that purpose. On Google, these folks get (roughly) equal weight in the overall score. But they're not evaluating even close to the same thing.

I see this as an extreme example of the flaws with online reviews -- nobody is actually rating the same thing. At the same time, it seems like this is somehow a different issue entirely...