These ain't perfect... Please let me know of any errors you find!

Flexible, Multicore Specification Curve 

The popular specr package in R is good. However, specr is not super flexible--it does not support fixed-effect regressions, and mixed-effect regressions take some work. 

I wanted to create a package that would build on specr while being more user-friendly. To that end, I'm working on this set of functions, which I've given the bad title of specster.

The current code supports:

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REI Reviews Scraping & Data

This code uses Python primarily, but R for some data wrangling. 

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Here is the REI reviews data, the REI reviews merged with weather, and here is the NCEI USA weather data.

VRBO Reviews Scraping

This code uses Python. Better commenting incoming! 

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Lasso Regression Example

Just an example of Lasso Regression with explanation. Download this file and open it to view.

Mediation Model Plotting (Work-In-Progress)

This function will draw you a mediation model in ggplot in R. It ain't awesome. I plan to keep adding to it, as it can only do super simple mediation now. 

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